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70.3 Ironman Santa Rosa - Race Diary

14 May 2017 . category: Triathlon . Comments

70.3 Ironman Santa Rosa - Race Diary

Yesterday’s race was strong. I finished 20 in my division, 288 overall with a time of 5:06:24 which was a personal record.

We swam in Lake Sonoma where the water was warm, at least from what I was used to (Aquatic Park SF). Out of the water the transition ramp up to T1 was steep. I clocked 9 minutes in T1 which was slow.

The 56 mile bike was great. Not too many hills and smooth roads for the most part. It was a scenic course through wine country. 3:25:28 was my bike time.

The run was excellent since it was mostly trails and in the shade. I averaged 7:27/mi pace and finished in 1:37:43.

It was an early morning with a 3 AM wakeup as the Pro’s started their swim at 6:10 AM. This 70.3 had the distinction of having the most athletes particpating.


Justin Levy lives in San Francisco, CA.